Make your own summer bucketlist


Last year I gratuaded for high school. After that I had a three months summer holiday. I can tell you, it was the best summer I’ve ever had. Not only because it was the longest, but I also because I made a summer bucketlist.

Do you recognize those days for your holiday, when you want to do a lot, and at the end of the day you realize did nothing. The only thing you did was watching Netflix while laying on the bench. You ate a lot of food that’s really not healthy and at the end of the day you’re feeling guilty because you did nothing. Most of my earlier holidays looked like this. I don’t wanted a summer like that again. So, I started a summer bucket list. I think a lot of you would like to do the same thing. To give you some inspiration, I wrote some stuff here that was on my bucket list

  1. Make your own dreamcatcher
  2. Make homemade icecream
  3. Eat a whole hubba bubba at once
  4. Make at least 7 things form wreck this journal
  5. Have a picknick
  6. Draw a perfect eye
  7. Put a lot of glowsticks in a swimmingpool
  8. Make an arizona camera
  9. Learn a cardtrick
  10. Make a giant chocolate cookie
  11. Lay in a hammock
  12. Make homemade jam
  13. Make your own flower crown
  14. Try oreos with peanut butter
  15. Write a letter to yourself and open it in 10 years
  16. Breakfast at midnight
  17. Try frozen watermelon
  18. Complete the chubby bunny challenge
  19. Try bubble tea
  20. Write a fairytail
  21. Start with a new serie
  22. Order a cotton candy frappuccino
  23. Try a new icecream flavour
  24. Try something new at starbucks
  25. Have a High School Musical movie night
  26. Have a bonfire
  27. Pick strawberries
  28. Try some yoga
  29. Make melted crayon
  30. Make a fruitsalate
  31. Try a new sort of fruit
  32. Make some new friends
  33. Have a bbq
  34. Decorate your room on a different way
  35. Watch at least 10 movies
  36. Have a pillow fight
  37. Blow bubbles
  38. Eat at a new restaurant
  39. Go on a nature walk
  40. Ride a rollercoaster
  41. Spend a whole day reading
  42. Ride first class just for fun
  43. Take some fun pictures with your friends
  44. Try to make some Tumblr photo’s
  45. Make a list of your favourite quotes
  46. Make your own shoplog
  47. Shop at a new shop
  48. Watch the stars on a warm evening
  49. Buy a onesie
  50. Make some lucky paperstars
  51. Get an penpal
  52. Wear flowers in your hair
  53. Paint every nail a different color
  54. Go 24 hours without electronics
  55. Have a pyjama day
  56. Pick an offical summer song
  57. Try to meditate
  58. Attend a high-tea
  59. Try a new recipe
  60. Go to a fair
  61. Bake the perfect pie
  62. Be vegatarian for one week
  63. Try a new breakfast
  64. Catch a ladybug
  65. Try some nailart
  66. Make a ‘draw my life’
  67. Try a pancake with Nutella
  68. Try a new smoothie
  69. Buy a new cool phonecase
  70. Try apple with peanutbutter
  71. Make an DIY
  72. See a rainbow
  73. Buy a new book
  74. Start with something I thaught I never would do
  75. Give a famous person a hand
  76. Give a party
  77. Start with some work-out exercises
  78. See a falling star
  79. Suprise someone
  80. Eat some donuts
  81. Buy the perfume you always wanted
  82. Visit a zoo
  83. Watch Disney movies the whole day
  84. Go camping
  85. Have a watergun fight
  86. Make american pancakes
  87. Make friendshipbracelets
  88. Go to the cinema
  89. Make your own tumblr
  90. Bake a bananabread
  91. Make your own blt-sandwich
  92. Buy something at Lush
  93. Eat a whole bucket Ben&Jerry icecream yourself
  94. Be awake for 24 hours
  95. Make red velvet cake
  96. Order something at your favourite online store
  97. Eat a happy meal at McDonnalds
  98. Make homemade popcorn
  99. Build a cardhouse
  100. Have a sleepover

This is a lot inspiration! I hope you’re going to make it too! Oh and btw, if you’re making your own summer bucket list and you finished one thing from it, make sure you make a photo and put in on your instagram with the #unknownparadisesummerbucketlist. I would love to see what you did! What would you add to this 100 ideas?

With love,




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2 thoughts on “Make your own summer bucketlist

  1. Im going to do that this summer but i only have 63 days of break so im only doing 39 thinks but im going to keep you posted on instagram. And by the way I really love your blog and I really want to start one on my own but I never find the time😔but your blog is amazing😱👌🏾


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