My koala gadget


People relate gadgets always with men. I don’t agree with that. I love gadgets! If you take a good look at all the fun sites on the internet, I’m sure you’ll find some really cool stuff you want. Mostly you don’t really need it, but it makes your life more fun. Take a good look at this koala. He’s just chilling in his tree. Or not?I found this adorable koala on This is an amazing website with really cool gadgets. I recommend you to take a look. You won’t be disapointed. Back to the koala…. it’s a speaker! There are speakers build in in his paws. It has a battery in the back so you can take it everywhere with you. So if you go out for a picknick with your friends, on a little road trip or if you just want to relax on the beach, you can take him with you.

DSCN4597I was really curious about the sound. I have never saw a speaker in a stuffed animal so I didn’t really know what I had to expect. But this koala didn’t disappoint me! The sound is good. There’s a good echo and the music doesn’t sound pitched. I doesn’t sound the same like a speaker from a really expensive brand, but I’m very happy with it. The music sounds good and it’s a fun decoration in your room. Because of the batteries in the back, you’re not depending on electric current.


DSCN4620As you can see, it’s a universal jack and it works with all the MP3 players. This koala hugs your phone or your mp3 player. The place between his arms and chest is not really big, but big enough for most ones. As you can see my IPhone 5s fits good. It needs to stand a little bit diagonal because of his nose.

DSCN4623Doesn’t he look cute! This koala is by far  my favorite gadget I have. I like the design and the idea very much! Because they used a stuffed animal, it’s a really special speaker. Maybe a fun idea for a birthday present? And to prove gadgets are not only for man, maybe you can give your mother a really cool gadget! What do you think of this koala speaker?

With love,







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