Age of Adaline


Yesterday I went to the movie ‘Age of Adaline’ and I totally loved it! It was a special night, called ladies night. It’s a special evening with some special gifts. At the entrance you received a glass of champagne or orange juice. On your chair there was a goodie bag. It was really fun to go this ladies night because Age of Adaline is just in the cinema’s on 18th of june here in the Netherlands. I’m really happy I’ve already watched, because I couldn’t wait till 18th of june because I wanted to see so badly!

As I already told you, I went to the ladies night and it was quit fun. In the goodie bag was a lot of food so I think they made everybody very happy with it 😉 Besides the food there was a magazine and some samples of beauty products. When everybody finally found their seats (that was a problem for a lot of people, believe me) the lights shut down and the movie finally starts.

For everybody who don’t know this movie, I’ll explain little. I’m not going to tell a lot about it because I think you should watch it yourself! Blake Lively (Adaline)  is the lead actress of the film. When she is 29 she gets a car accident and after that she stopped aging. Everybody around is getting older or they die, except Adaline. Because she is not getting any older, she’s afraid of loving someone.

“It’s not the same when there’s no growing old together. Without that, love is just heartbreak.” – Adaline Bowman

I loved the atmosphere in the film. The reminds me of the Great Gatsby! I don’t know if you have watched that movie but I loved it! I love those kind of movies. And Age of Adaline reminds me sometimes of the Great Gatsby. Besides the atmosphere, I also loved the costumes they wore! That really made the movie complete. Blake Lively is in my opinion a really good Adaline. She was really elegant and that totally fits by the roll of Adaline. The opponent of Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, is originally also from the Netherlands, was also really good as Ellis. I want you to tell more about the movie, but I’m not going to that 😉 Before I went to the movie yesterday, I searched from reviews about the movie. What struck me, was the fact that a lot of people talked really negative about this movie. And I totally don’t understand why. I loved it and it was really nice to watch. Maybe it’s sometimes a little bit calculable, but isn’t that with all the romantic movies? Isn’t that the reason we all love this kind of movies? I think you should watch it because I’m sure you’ll like it. All the actors in the movie played really well and the places where they have shoot are amazing. I just love the feeling you get when you watch the movie. Do you understand what I mean?

Are you going to see this movie or have you already seen it?

With love,











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