The little things in life that can make you happy


How many times are you angry, disappointed or just not in the mood to do something. Everybody has those days once in a while. And when you’re in a mood like that, it’s hard to see and find the beautifull things in life. The thing is, they don’t have to be big or expensive. Just some small things really can make your day. 

I spend a lot of time on the internet for inspiration for my photo’s and sometimes also for some articles. Sometimes it’s really hard to find that inspiration, but there are also a lot of moments when I have too much inspiration. I think that when you’re happier and more positive things like inspiration will reach you easier. I wrote somethings down that make me happy when I think about them. It are all small things, but when you think of them you’ll appreciate them all.

  1. A sunny day (that’s really rare here in the Netherlands)
  2. The smell of fresh made bread
  3. Finding money
  4. When you wake up and you realise it’s weekend
  5. When you see the waiter comming with your food
  6. The scent of your perfume
  7. Wearing your favourite outfit
  8. Going out for lunch
  9. Catching up with your friends
  10. When you don’t have to wait for your train or bus
  11. When your online order arrive at home
  12. Finding a rainbow
  13. Having your favourite food for dinner
  14. Receiving a better grade than you expected
  15. Icecream on a warm day
  16. Smiling old people
  17. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  18. To see how
  19. Waking up before your alarm goes of
  20. Warm baked cookies
  21. A good shower after a long day
  22. When you open the fridge and find good food
  23. When you’re schoolday ends earlier than you expected
  24. Using a new toothbrush
  25. The feeling after finishing your homework
  26. Getting free stuff
  27. When you find old photo’s of yourself and think that it’s going to be okay hahaha
  28. When your favourite song comes on the radio
  29. Nicknames
  30. Being in a really great mood without a reason

I hope that I made your mood a little bit better 🙂

With love,





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