You can wake me up for: MyMuesli


Muesli is my favorite breakfast ever. I always have the same taste, and after a while that’s kinda boring. But I can’t find a flavor I really like in the supermarkets. So I still eat the chocolate one. A while ago I saw this brand; My Muesli. I felt in love at first sight. They have so many flavors with so many sorts of fruit! 


Two guys form Germany started the company ‘My Muesli’. After they heard a terrible radiospot about another muesli brand, the were convinced to make their own muesli. But, their muesli had to be better than all the others that already exist. They came up with a new idea: people can customize their own muesli. It’s a whole new concept and people loved it. There are a lot of people who are allergic to some ingredients in the muesli from your local supermarket, so this a great idea for lots of people. They can choose their own flavors and on this way they have their own special muesli!


Beside customize your own muesli, these two guys also came up with another idea: MyMuesli2Go. These little trays are amazing to take them with to school or work. The only thing you need to do, is put some yoghurt or milk in the tray and there you go.



As you can see, most of the little trays have some fruit parts in it. I love that because it makes the muesli more special than the normal ones you can buy at your local store. You can save your muesli for a while. And because of the dried fruit, you don’t have to afraid that your muesli going about the date. The big raspberry looks so yummy! Besides the raspberry, I also had some flavors with dried banana, mango, blueberry, strawberry, apple and grapes. For me it’s really hard to choose a favorite one. I haven’t taste them all yet, but I’m sure they will all taste every yummy. And another fact is that all the flavors I already tasted were very good.

If your mouth isn’t start watering yet, there must be something wrong with you 🙂 No, just kidding. But I have a really special offer for you. If you click this  link, you get six free trays, when you order for more than €10! 🙂 Isn’t that a great offer! If you became curious after this article, you should try them out! This muesli will not disappoint you! But hurry up! The offer is only available until the 25th of May! Let me know if you ordered some and what your thoughts are.

With love,



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