Typical Dutch candy on a new way


Here in the Netherlands we have a lot of food. A big part of it, is available in a lot of countries all over the world. But we also have also some typical Dutch food you can only buy here in the Netherlands. Many tourists take some of it back home so they can enjoy it with their family in their home countries. ย One of those typical dutch foods is drop. I have no idea if all of you can pronounce it, but you should try it!ย 

Autodrop is a dutch brand that sells drop (a typical Dutch candy). They’ve made three new ones with different flavors. I love the way how the candy is packed. The drop with all the different flavors is sold in these little trays. I think that it’s very useful because you can take it with you, but the package won’t be damaged.


When I have a lot of homework, I got tired very fast. To get some more energy you can eat a banana or some other food. But sometimes I just want to eat some candy. I think this flavor is the perfect one for this situation. The drop is covered with chocolate. I can tell you, these two flavors go perfect together. If you put it into your mouth, the chocolate starts melting and when the chocolate is gone, you taste the drop. I really love it and this is my favorite flavor!


You can eat your autodrop in your car when you’re on a long road trip (or a short one of course). When I’m in the car for a long time, I like to eat some candy sometimes. I love strawberries and that’s why I think you should bring this one with you in the car. Because of the strawberry taste at the begin, it gives you that happy feeling. The time goes by very fast when your eating some of these. It doesn’t matter how long you’re already in the car, you’ll forget the time because you’re enjoying your candy ๐Ÿ™‚ This flavor isn’t my favorite one, but I think you should try them yourself.



And last but not least, drop with sal ammoniac. I don’t know why, but when I was watching Netflix I grabbed this taste and eat some of them. I think they are perfect as a snack when your watching a movie or when you’re watching Netflix. I don’t know if they have candy with a sal ammoniac flavor in you country, but here in the Netherlands we have a lot! So a combination with drop from Autodrop had to come ๐Ÿ™‚


I like the purple one (chocolate) the most. I like chocolate very much and a combination with drop is an amazing idea. The second one I like is the brown one (sal ammoniac). I’m just in love with the combination! And on the last place, the pink one (strawberry). I like the idea of drop and strawberries, but I don’t really like them.

It’s probably hard to image how this would taste if you never had drop before in your life. But I’m going to change that. When I reach 10.000 followers on my instagram account, I’m going to do a give away. I’m going to make a package with a lot of stuff and I’m going to send that to one of you. Can you already guess what I want to say? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to put one of these flavors in the package so that you have the chance to taste by yourself! Please comment below which one you would love to try. I’m going to put the flavor with the most comments in the give away!

With love,



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