A picnic: a fun way to enjoy some food, the good weather and catching up with your friends!


The weather is getting better and summer vacation is almost here. You can do a lot of things when the weather is getting better. On of the things you can do, is picnicking. It’s a really fun way to catch up with your friends and enjoy some good food and the weather. Before you go to park for your picnic, you’ll need some stuff. In this article I’m going to show you some stuff you can’t miss when you’re going out for a picnic.Β 


Let’s start with the food. I recommend to bring some food that’s easy to eat. I choose for some wraps. I was very lazy and bought some wraps at my local grocerystore. Two with mango and chicken and two with tomatoes and mozzarella. They tasted very good! I also love wraps with salmon. I always make those myself, and there will be a recipe about it soon πŸ™‚



It’s also a very good idea to bring some small snacks with you. I mean, who doesn’t like some snacks. You could bring some candy or some fruit, but I choose for these little bars from Eat Natural. I have literally know idea if they sell this small ones in the local stores. I always buy the red one. I think that one is the best. It have some dark chocolate and that’s my favorite. You can buy the big ones at your local store. There are three bars in one package and they have several flavors.



Because the weather is getting better, it’s really important to drink enough throughout the day. You can bring some mason jars with lemonade or water. When I’m home, I use my mason jar a lot. I thought it would be nice to use something different. So I took some lemonade from Bio Nina. For the people who don’t know this brand, you can compare it with the Hubert lemonade from America. I think the bottle looks really cute with the smiling fruit on it.



I think it’s a good idea to bring your polaroid camera if you have one. I love how the photo’s turn out and the fact that you only have one of them. You can have a lot of fun when you make some photo’s with your friends of family. It’s always a surprise how the photo’s came out and I think that’s what I like the most of the camera. If don’t own a camera like these, you can also bring another camera. It’s really fun to make some photo’s and it’s a good memory to your amazing day.Β It’s also very fun to take some cute straws with you. They look cute in photo’s and it add some more color to your picnic. You can get straws at almost every store, you only have to take a good look and choose the cutest ones. I also took this magazine with me in case some people would like to rest. You could also just lay on your back and watch the clouds go by (and get tanned).

I hope I gave you some inspiration to go out for your own picnic and have an amazing day in a park of another place where you can chill and eat some food. What is your picnic essential?

With love,




2 thoughts on “A picnic: a fun way to enjoy some food, the good weather and catching up with your friends!

  1. Ohh, vind ik altijd zo leuk om te doen! En het is ook nog eens gezellig πŸ˜‰ Ik ben wel erg benieuwd naar de Bio Nina, ik kende die nog niet, zeker een keer gaan scoren! πŸ˜‰



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