Inspiration from Canada


A while ago I received two bracelets from Fay with love and a bag filled with scrub form Buddha Scrub. I’m literally in love with everything from Canada and that’s why I’m going to introduce you tot his two amazing brands!

I start with the bracelets from Fay with love. I think we can be clear about how they look. I totally love them. They look really cute and colorful and perfect for summer. I really love the little details in the bracelets. Did you see that the purple, pink and yellow things in the brown bracelet are little knobs? And have you noticed the little arrow? So cute.


Would you like to know what I like the most about Fay with love? Their thoughts behind this brand. They believe that you should be arrouned by positive and beautiful things. If you do things, you’ll find some positive energy. And I think that’s important. You need to focus on all the beautiful things around you and be happy about all this things.

I already wore my bracelets a lot. Every time I look at them, they made me a little happier. I don’t know why and maybe this sounds a little bit weird, but it’s the truth. I think it’s because I know their story behind their brand. If you take a look at their website, you’ll what I mean. It’s not just a webshop, it’s a sort of community. They sell so many products and they also share some amazing recipes with you! Isn’t that great. I’m in love with this brand.


Buddha Scrub is also a brand with a beautiful thought. I received a really big bag filled with scrub. The bag says lotus but it reminds me more of coffee..? Hahah I don’t know. I love the smell of coffee and every time I’m in a restaurant or just at home, and I smell coffee I’m like: ‘That smells so good!’ But the funny thing is, I think the taste is horrible. Well, that said, back to the scrub. This scrub helps again stretch marks, dry skin, cellulite, scarring, acne and eczema. I tried it on my arm and it feels really good. After I washed the scrub from my arm, it felt so soft! When it’s getting colder here in the Netherlands and it starts to rain more often, I mostly get some eczema on my hands. Not very much, just a little bit but it itches very much. I’m really curious if it would help me!




I totally understand if you became really enthusiastic about this two brands. So I have something really nice to tell you. With this code: simonem you’ll get 15% discount on all the products of Fay with love! But if you’re thinking about ordering something, don’t wait too long. This code is only available until the 7th of july!

With love,




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