Original, healthy snacks


I noticed that there are a lot of people who are trying to snack more healthy. Because it’s finally summer, I have the opportunity to make snacks with all the fruit of this season! I really really love all the different snacks I made for this article and they look all really good on photo’s (I mean instagram 🙂 )

The first recipe is really easy, but very tasty. You only need a banana and some peanut butter. You cut the banana in thin slices and place the half of all the pieces on a plate. When that’s done, you’ll need the peanut butter to cover all the banana slices on the plate. When you have covered  all the bananas you take the other half of the slices and place them on the peanut butter. I really like this and it’s also healthy.


And on to the next recipe. I saw this one on pinterest and it looked so good! I really needed to try. You need a watermelon and some fruit of your choice. I took a kiwi and some grapes. This combination was really good, to be honest. Just take a thick slice from the middle of the watermelon and slice the other fruit in parts. After that you just decorate the ‘watermelon pie’ the way you like. This taste so, so good!


With love,



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