How to stay hydrated in the hot summer weather with fruit


Staying hydrated is very, very important. But I know, water can get really boring. But I also know, that it’s not quite healthy to drink a lot of soda. Well, I think I found a really good alternative to stay hydrated and being healthy! I’m going to show you 7 ways how you can do that.

Infruition have some really useful bottles where you can place fruit in a separate place. On this way keeps your water clean, but it has the tast of the fruit you placed in the bottle. They sell two different types: a sport version (made of plastic) and a normal version (made of glass).

The first one I want to share with you is this one with pineapple. It taste so good and I really recommend it. Because of the pineapple it gives you a really tropical feeling. Perfect for a really hot summer day!


Oh I love the next one so much! For this one you’ll need some cucumber slices and some mint. This one has a really soft taste and I really like that. These two ingredients aren’t dominating, so they are perfect together.


This one is really really easy. The only thing you need is a kiwi. That’s it. Just place it in the special place for the fruit and your done. Because it was really hot the day I made this recipe, I also took some ice cubes. If you take a good look, you’ll see they’re star shaped!


I think that this combination is very obvious because there are a lot of people who make this one. This time I placed some mint, lemon and lime in the bottle. Please be carefull with the lemon. I had too much and it become too sour.


I love strawberries so much so I needed to try them. I can tell you, this taste so good. If you like strawberries you should try this out!


As you probably know, watermelon is my favorite fruit ever. I took a slice of watermelon and cut into small pieces. This was really tasty!


Grapes. Just one word. Grapes are so good. I cut the grapes in half so the water would get the taste from the grapes.


It doesn’t matter which recipe you choose, but you have to make sure that the fruit has enough space. The fruit need the space to float through the water. The water will get the taste of fruit way faster on this way 🙂

With love,



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