Lokai bracelet, the bracelet with a wonderful meaning


Since I saw this bracelet a long time ago I loved it. It looked so simple, but at the same time really original and fun. When I looked for the bracelet on the internet, I found out that there is a special storie behind this bracelet. I thought it was such a pretty and special story. Today I’m going to tell you about the story and about the bracelet. 

The story behind the Lokai bracelet is balance. Find the balance in your life. Steven Izen is the founder of the Lokai Bracelet and a few years ago he was very sad because his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. A terrible disease for the person who is diagnosed with it, but also for the people around this person. As you can see, there is one black bead in the bracelet. This contains mud from the dead see. The dead see is the lowest point from the earth. This mud represent the moment of being at your lowest.



The story from Steven goes on, because on the same time, he felt really grateful for where he was in life. He realized what he had and that gives him the feeling like he was on the top of world. He looked at all the thing around him and realized that they’re all so special. And if you take a look at the bracelet again, you’ll notice that there is only one white bead. This bead carries water from the Mount Everest. The water represent the feeling of being at the top of the world.



The bracelet reminds you about finding balance. Sometimes life is sucks and you feel like there can’t be a better time. You feel connected to the black bead. But there is also a white bead in the bracelet. The black and the white one are connected through clear beads. These beads are clear because we all have our own story about balance.

I think you can wear the bracelet almost with everything because the white colors. When I saw it on the internet, I thought the beads were made of plastic. But when I opened the package, I noticed that they are made of rubber. I don’t think it’s a problem, because it will not fall of your arm very easily.



With love,



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