Feeling good with Byron Body tea


First I didn’t really believe that I would feel better because of drinking tea. But I really feel better.  Curious? Today I’m going to tell you what I think about this detox tea!

You have to drink the Byronbody tea 30 minutes before you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because you drink before you meal, you’re less hungry. Because you’re not really hungry you’ll eat less and that’s why you can lose weight. I don’t have the feeling that I’ve lost weight in the last two weeks. But my skin has approved and that makes me very happy. I know that there are a lot of people who aren’t happy with their skin. Before I started with this tea, I had some small pimples and some red spots in my face. After two weeks of drinking the tea from Byron Body my pimples are all gone and you can’t see the red spots anymore 🙂


Before you can drink the tea, you have to make it of course. You have to put the tea in tea strainer. I got this cute looking little guy. You have to take his pants of (sounds really weird I know and I’m sorry for that) and put some tea in it. Don’t put too much in his pants because the tea needs space. Place the little man on the border of you mug. It looks like he’s enjoying a really good, warm bath. After 5 – 7 minutes you can take it from the warm water and you’re tea is done.



The tea taste really good. It has a really soft taste, so I think almost everyone will like it. It doesn’t have a distinct taste and that’s why this is my favorite tea of the moment. You can find the following ingredients in the tea:

  • African mango (for weight loss)
  • Jasmine (anti-oxidants)
  • Myosotis Sylvatica (improves your sleep and helps to get a clear skin)
  • Mint (improves metabolism)
  • Rosebud (naturally caffine)
  • Rosemary (for vitamines A,B and C, zink, iron and magnesium)
  • Lotus Leaves (relieves stress)
  • Pu-erh tea (hangover recovery)
  • Lemon (detoxifies the Liver)
  • Hibiscus (helps to fight infections)
  • Oolong (for weight loss and it has a lot of Oxidants)

The only negative thing (just a small one) is that you have to drink it 30 minutes before you’re going to eat. When you’re going out for lunch or dinner it’s hard to drink it before you’re going to eat. But I’m really, really positive about this tea. It gaves you a good feeling and it’s really healthy for you.

With love,



3 thoughts on “Feeling good with Byron Body tea

  1. Hello!! I am french so i hope you’ll understand ^^ I really love drinking tea, I would like to try this one (I have little skin problems so maybe it would help me!!^^) 🙂 love your blog 🙂 xoxo


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