Start your day on a colorful way with HappySocks


How many times have you been told that you should be more positive? Well, thats easier said than done. Those Monday mornings when you have to hurry after a way too short weekend? I think a lot of people can use some positive energie in the morning and I have found the perfect way!

And the solution is: Happy Socks. For the people who aren’t familiar with this amazing colorful brand, I’m going to tell you why this brand is so special. In the spring of 2006 two friends, Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell, had an amazing idea. They wanted to spread joy and happiness. But, because there a millions of other people with the same idea, they had to come with a super original plan. They wanted to spread joy and happiness to change the everyday essentials into a colorful piece of design which would give you smile when you would use it.


And as you can see, they did a pretty amazing job. The socks look more colorful than a rainbow and they’re really soft. When the time passed by, more and more people start loving the socks. Today, Happy Socks are sold over more than 70 countries over the world. So that means that people over the whole world are enjoying the bright colored socks!

Now I’m going to show you which socks I love the most. I got three pair and  one pair has a preference. As you can see I got some really colorful ones. I love the blue one with the red dots the most because I think it looks really cute. It reminds me a little bit of Minnie Mouse. Hahah. Do you get it 😉 The one with the blue, pink and yellow stripes are so colorful and make me so happy when I wear them. The colors are so bright, I really love it! The third pair of socks is the black one with the colored hearts. This pair of socks came in a tiny box with a pair of underpants. They have both the really cute print with colored hearts. They look really cute together!



I also love the little detail on the bottom on the socks. It says: ‘Happy Socks’ in white letters. You can see the name of the brand very well because of the white color.


Do you own a pair of Happy Socks?

With love,



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