Less is more


‘Less is more’ is a very famous saying. It not only goes for make-up, but also for your accessoires. Today I’m going to show you which bracelet I really love to wear without doing too much with accessoires.

I got this bracelet from the webshop Luxedy and it’s form the brand Zag Bijoux. This webshop sells a lot of accessoires which all have an really beautiful radiance. As the titel of todays blogpost is telling: Less is more. If you take a look at this bracelet, you’ll see that it’s a small one, but still really beautiful. I really love the fact that’s so small because you can combine it with a lot of clothes and other jewelry like rings. The bracelet is longer than the normal size of a bracelet, so you have to wrap it around your wrist twice.


Another thing I literally love about this bracelet, is how they brought color into it. The blue colored beads are really tiny and they gave the bracelet a unique look. Every bead on this bracelet is hand polished, so every single one would shine really bright.




I’m really sure I’m going to wear this bracelet many times because I love it. Have you ever brought or got something you just like so much? If you ever had this you know what I mean 😉

With love,



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