A picnic: a fun way to enjoy some food, the good weather and catching up with your friends!


The weather is getting better and summer vacation is almost here. You can do a lot of things when the weather is getting better. On of the things you can do, is picnicking. It’s a really fun way to catch up with your friends and enjoy some good food and the weather. Before you go to park for your picnic, you’ll need some stuff. In this article I’m going to show you some stuff you can’t miss when you’re going out for a picnic.  Continue reading


Typical Dutch candy on a new way


Here in the Netherlands we have a lot of food. A big part of it, is available in a lot of countries all over the world. But we also have also some typical Dutch food you can only buy here in the Netherlands. Many tourists take some of it back home so they can enjoy it with their family in their home countries.  One of those typical dutch foods is drop. I have no idea if all of you can pronounce it, but you should try it!  Continue reading

Healthy snacking with BoxBites


I love snacks, particularly when I get home from school. I love to eat some chocolate chip cookies but we all know, they aren’t that healthy. I think it’s hard to find healthy snacks that aren’t vegetables or fruit. I just like the feeling that I’m snacking, but I don’t want to feel guilty afterwards. Boxbites sended me a box full with healthy snacks and in this article, I’m going to show you what was inside it! Continue reading

Age of Adaline


Yesterday I went to the movie ‘Age of Adaline’ and I totally loved it! It was a special night, called ladies night. It’s a special evening with some special gifts. At the entrance you received a glass of champagne or orange juice. On your chair there was a goodie bag. It was really fun to go this ladies night because Age of Adaline is just in the cinema’s on 18th of june here in the Netherlands. I’m really happy I’ve already watched, because I couldn’t wait till 18th of june because I wanted to see so badly! Continue reading

Ask me anything #1

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Instagram is my addiction. I love to make photo’s and share them with the world. Over the past year, the amount of followers is growing everyday. Therefore I met a lot of people. Not in real life, but on the internet. Everyday I receive some questions and I thought it would be fun if I answer some of them in this article! Continue reading

My koala gadget


People relate gadgets always with men. I don’t agree with that. I love gadgets! If you take a good look at all the fun sites on the internet, I’m sure you’ll find some really cool stuff you want. Mostly you don’t really need it, but it makes your life more fun. Take a good look at this koala. He’s just chilling in his tree. Or not? Continue reading